Speed up batch data sync from Business Central to Dataverse

Imagine a situation when we have a big table in the Business Central which we need to sync to the Dataverse. By “big table” I mean a table with more than 75000 records.

Why 75K of records? By default, each sync job has a timeout of 12 hours. Of course, you can increase it, but this is not a way. By my measurement, 75K of records is a number that you can sync from Business Central to Dataverse for 12 hours. This time is changing from sync to sync, it could be even 10 hours, but if no issues occurs – 12 hours seems like a maximum time when 75K of any table will be sync to the Dataverse. I checked this with a ~ 25 tables and a result is quite the same everywhere and not very different even with increasing of field numbers.

Source : Andrey Baludin
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