How to Create a Custom Approval Workflow in Dynamics NAV – Part 2

Hi folks! I’m back with Part 2 of how to create custom approval workflow in Dynamics NAV. An overview of Part 1, we created an Event Publisher then we created function for sending approval then for approval, for reject and delegate. Part 2- Now we will continue with how to add these event functions to the library.

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[How-To] Build Automated Testing for Microsoft D365 Business Central

Let’s kick off with the Automated Testing on Microsoft D365 Business Central. If you are going to publish your app on Business Central, there are list of things you must complete before submitting it for validation. The checklist is available here (

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Two Options for Running Adjust Cost in Dynamics NAV When It Has Not Been Done in a While

Running a successful business requires the ability to plan, forecast, and make strategic business decisions. To make these kinds of effective decisions you need access to reliable data: you need to know, on a real-time basis, what your costs and profits are.

Fortunately, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the system does that for you: it updates your costs and subsequent profits on an ongoing basis.

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Nav (Business Central) AL Extension Files Info- Powershell Module

Now I decided to create a small module that will help you manage the Extensions and Ids.

Besides what I showed in the first post, I added to the module an extra feature: now you have the possibility to get the free Ids: if for example you have 2 table extensions with Ids 50251 and 50254, the free Ids are considered the ones not used within the ones used, so in this example: 50252 and 50253. You can do this by specifying and extra parameter to the function.

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