Features we can expect in the “2019 Release Wave 2” for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Since we’re at it, let’s talk about the ones that I am really looking forward to myself :-).

Basically, anything “client” related is in my opinion very important, just because we know that in this next major release, the Windows Client won’t exist anymore. So:

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Dynamics 365 Business Central AL Automated Tests: How to Start?

Like any other code, AL code can be flawed and break during refactoring. To prevent manual testing, each time you make the smallest change in code, it is necessary to write Dynamics 365 Business Central AL automated tests. Dynamics 365 Business Central AL automated tests are pivotal to ensure that your code works correctly after refactoring or addition of new functionality.

Source : Simplanova
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Power BI Deployment Reports Tips for Business Central Users

In addition to integrating Power BI into Business Central, it could be useful to be able to use a fast access portal or receive scheduled reports from Power BI automatically without going through the complete Power BI (Pro and Premium) solution. All this is already existing and usable if I use Power BI Premium license or Pro license, or if I integrate MS-Flow, MS-Sharepoint Online etc. etc

Source : Roberto Stefanetti NAV & Business Central Blog
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