How to Use Date Functions in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On Premises

There are various places throughout Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central where you can enter dates in fields. In fact, a good deal of data in the application is linked to dates. For example, in a sales order, you can set the shipment date. When filtering lists or report data, you can enter dates and times to pinpoint only the data you want to see. If you look at a sales order, an invoice. or a credit memo, there are document dates, posting dates, and date of entry.

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Codeunits in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there are a lot of codeunits already available. Every codeunit is a collection of different functions. If they are global functions, they can be called from within your own code. There are codeunits that help you work with XML data, help you with importing and exporting data, setting up number series, and so on.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions – Under the hood

Working with extensions, I face the same problems as everybody else. I feel that I’m limited in my work, not knowing what the other extensions are doing.

A year ago, I released the Extension Details that can help developers identify which object numbers and fields have been used by other developers.

Over the last year I have continued to develop the extension details solution to help me, and maybe it can help others too.

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Notifications – Business Central

Today in this post we will discuss about Notification and how to implement.

First let us see, what are Notifications?
•Non-intrusive message
•Differs from the message initiated by the MESSAGE method.
•You can specify up to 4 actions
•User can ignore and continue to work, doesn’t lock the user for immediate response.
•Works with any client

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