Grouping records using a List

I don’t know why, but grouping records in in C/AL in the past had always been a difficult topic to understand for new programmers during my development courses.

In C/AL the best method was using temporary tables, as in the example below, in which I group the Sales Orders by Customer and then I make a loop over the customers I found to make something.

Source : Marco Ferrari
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Enable Personalize in Modern client Client for Business Central MSDYN365BC

While working on Modern client in MSDYN365BC in Spring release, I was unable to Personalize the page. Personalize means we can make various changes, such as move or hide fields, columns, actions, and entire parts, and add new fields. Most personalization must be done by first activating the Personalizing banner, but very simple adjustments, such as column width can be performed immediately on any list.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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Limit The Amount Of Data You Work With In Power BI Desktop Using Parameters And Deployment Pipelines

If you’re working with large amounts of data in Power BI you may find that you have problems because:

  • Your pbix file is very large
  • You spend a long time waiting for refreshes to finish in Power BI Desktop – and if you’re developing, you may need to refresh your dataset frequently
  • It takes a long time to publish your dataset to the Power BI Service

  • Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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