Adding a vertical line or marker to a chart in Power BI

A business user came to me asking “how can I get a vertical line on Line Chart in Power BI like my Excel report?”. I was like, “It’s straightforward. We have this analytics pane which lets you add so many types of lines 😊 “. But, quite quickly I understood, I cannot draw a vertical line as we do in Excel or SSRS.

Bron : Encore
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Warehouse Control System

Mobile cross-platform solution for visualizations of Warehouse Management System module of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
•Simple setup process and changing WMS in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
•Create/modify/delete Locations, Zones, Bins, Racks – new functionality
•Fast reorganization of warehouse structure
•Visual search
•User defined functions of selecting bins on location scheme

Bron : Oleg Lobakov
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