Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs and Data Access Intent

One of the greatest advantages on using Dynamics 365 Business Central on a SaaS environment is certainly the availability of a read-only replica of the database. I’ve talked a lot about this feature in the past here on this blog but also on events, webcasts and courses.

In summary, objects like API pages, queries and reports can use the DataAccessIntent property in order to specify their data access intent. Possible values are:

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Send Email – Dynamic Content

One of my Customer requested me to have a feature wherein they can have the liberty to modify content of the email, add remove columns and do stuff like this. They wish to have long text as a free text along with certain database table information which they can attach detach as per there wish along with some html formatting possibly.

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Business Central 2021 wave 2 (BC19): In-depth testing for Force Sync mode in Production Environment (Renaming tables, Renaming fields, Changing field type…)

Last month I shared a new feature in Business Central 2021 wave 2 (BC19), Force sync of customer-specific extensions in online environments (ForceSync mode in Production Environment) I saw some questions after that, for example, if we keep the table no. and field No., will data be lost in Production Environment?

So in this post, I would like to briefly test some common scenarios, hope this will help.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Leveraging “Filter Tokens” codeunit to expand Business Central users’ filtering experience

A few weeks back, I watched Erik Hougaard‘s youtube video “Make your own Date Filters in AL and Business Central” and thought of trying it and adding my own bit to it.

First, what was the intention with custom filter tokens?

The standard application comes already with some tokens.

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