Power BI desktop February 2020 is out and incremental refresh is now generally available!

Microsoft has announced the release of Power BI Desktop: February 2020 and you can read all about it here:


I am very happy about incremental refresh, which is now generally available and is now supported for Power BI Pro licensing, meaning it is no longer a Premium only feature!

Source : Think about IT
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: obsoleting events

I’ve written a lot in the past about handling breaking schema changes on extensions and the best practice to use the ObsoleteState object property to signal to your developers or third-party ISV users of your extensions that you’re planning to remove something in your codebase.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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How to Leverage Visual Studio Online and Azure Pipelines to migrate your development environment to the Cloud!

With my previous blog, I had explained how to configure CI/CD for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. The only drawback when it comes to developing in VS Code Online is that it works with Base Operating System as Linux. Which implies that the ALC(Application Language Compiler) built for Windows has to also work on Linux but it doesn’t.

Source : Olister Rumao
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Small issue in BC 2019 Wave 1 CU9

Business Central 2019 wave 1 CU9 was shipped in February and it contains a small bug, which can cause some time consuming troubleshooting. Therefore this blog post.

Issue #859
https://github.com/microsoft/navcontainerhelper/issues/859 was the first place I saw this bug and normally I would just fix these bugs and assume that people would use the latest Docker image or the latest NavContainerHelper and automagically get the fix.

Source : Freddys blog
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Quick tip: Create your preview environments for Business Central 2020 Release Wave 1

Learn how to prepare for major updates with preview environments:


Are you interested to test out all the new bells and whistles of BC version 16, then create your preview sandbox as follows.

Source : Think about IT
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Tiles – what to do to have nice bricks?

If you are used to doing everything in the Windows client (and I know there are still a lot of people to do so) you were not taking into consideration how the tiles on the lists look like in the web client. Me either – until I checked how ugly it is when you do not do anything with it.

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Managing Business Central Development with Git: Amending History

This is the start of a series of posts about managing AL development with Git. I don’t profess to be a Git expert and much of what I write about will not exclusively apply to Business Central development. This is a collection of approaches I’ve found to be useful when it comes to managing our source code. Take what you will, discard the rest, vociferously argue with me if you feel strongly enough about it.

Source : James Pearson
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