Tip #65 | AppSourceCop & mandatoryPrefix

Today I was a bit puzzled by getting this error message and how to fix it.

error AS0054: The AppSourceCop configuration must specify one of the following properties: ‘mandatorySuffix’, ‘mandatoryPrefix’, or ‘mandatoryAffixes’

Yes, you can google the message but that only brings you to pages that describe the message, not how to fix it.

Source : Mark Brummel
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Thinking about FactBoxes

Today, I was working on a new E Foqus product and this is something that needs a fair amount of FactBoxes.

It could be solved using a single FactBox object throughout the system. I started with a C/Side approach, trying to get the information from the parent page into the FactBox with SubPageLink but that didn’t work. I was even trying to be too creative with the new SystemId field.

Source : Hougaard.com
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AL Code Management with GIT (Part 1)

Probably most of you heard about AL code management with GIT, which is one of the most popular tools for this purpose. As you know, in the previous versions of NAV, you could use GIT, but in most cases, you needed some third party Addin. With AL and Visual studio code, we finally get native integration with GIT. In these two articles series, I‘m going to talk about how to start using these amazing tools.

Source : Simplanova
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