Stock Procurement – Maximising the Benefits of the Planning Worksheet

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Planning Worksheet is a powerful tool that, with fine-tuning, will provide great benefit to your procurement team. It reviews the supply and demand, both actual (from existing documents) and expected (from a production forecast) to suggest replenishment orders.

Bron : Fenwick Software
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The CredentialQuery Option For Web.Contents() In Power BI Custom Data Connectors

There’s a new, as yet undocumented, option for the Web.Contents() M function that is only available for custom data connectors and not in Power BI Desktop: CredentialQueryOption. It does the same thing as the Query option, but it stops the values you are passing to the query parameter from being logged in Power BI’s diagnostic logs, so it’s useful if you are passing sensitive information such as passwords.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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