Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: How to Correct and Print 1099 Tax Forms

It happens all the time, you didn’t realize a customer was a 1099 vendor, or their vendor card wasn’t set up properly from the beginning; fortunately, it is fairly simple to correct and print a 1099 tax form in Dynamics NAV. This video provides an overview on correcting and printing 1099 tax forms in Dynamics NAV.

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Thoughts On Visio And How It Could Integrate With Power BI

The recent release of Visio Online (which means most people with an Office 365 subscription can now see Visio diagrams in the browser) and updates for Visio Pro for Office 365 (the desktop version of Visio, needed for creating diagrams, available on subscription but annoyingly not included in any of the Office 365 Enterprise plans) made me wonder if there’s anything new for BI pros in the latest version of Visio.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Integration On Premises and Online with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 / 2017

Since the advent of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in November 2016, NAV Development Team worked hard to move from the old Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK (7.0) to the shining latest one from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (8.2).

Moving from the old SDK to the new one, required not only platform changes but also a deep code review. In this blog, I am trying to explain what is changed within latest versions and cumulative updates and also which tables are allowed to be integrated as entities within NAV CRM Integration feature.

Bron : Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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More about ISEMPTY

I had much second thought about whether I should even blog this one. You know, it so profoundly belongs in the Duh! category that I have actually created the Duh! category specifically for this post.

Now, fasten your seatbelt. I apologize for what you are about to see, but apparently people do write code as the example below. And I sh*t you not, you can’t really make this crap up, but this is what people do:

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