Business Central vNext (v23) – The “new data model”

This is just going to be a brief post, because there have been other blogs about this topic – I just wanted to add a small piece on top of it ;-).

Our two Italian friends Stefano and Duilio already wrote some blogs about the upcoming performance improvements regarding the new feature in Business Central, that includes a new data model for table extensions. In Short: in stead of having a new table for every single table extension, the extension-tables will be consolidated into only one extension table – which avoids a massive amount of JOINs in the SQL statement, which obviously – you can already guess – will result in a performance boost.

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Data Management with Isolated Storage in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Securing sensitive information like passwords, tokens, and license information is a very important aspect of data management. In Business Central, ensuring data security can be achieved through Isolated Storage. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a practical example of password management, showcasing how Isolated Storage adds an extra layer of protection.

Source : Simplanova
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Data is King: Part 1 Send data from Business Central to Azure

There is no question that in our world data is king. Still, for many of us, the problem is that we have so much data in so many different systems and different formats, that we quickly can lose track. We might therefore not get the full potential out of all our data, in this blog series, I will cover some of the tools that Microsoft has made available to us in Azure to handle data. I will also cover some of the basics of how you can structure your data so you can use it most effectively.

Source : Fredborg
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