Dynamics 365 Business Central APIs and Data Access Intent

One of the greatest advantages on using Dynamics 365 Business Central on a SaaS environment is certainly the availability of a read-only replica of the database. I’ve talked a lot about this feature in the past here on this blog but also on events, webcasts and courses.

In summary, objects like API pages, queries and reports can use the DataAccessIntent property in order to specify their data access intent. Possible values are:

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Table Data Editor Application for Business Central

You probably remember the glory days when we had direct access to data in Navision tables. But with the move to Cloud Business Central, we lost that ability. It’s probably much safer and more correct, but what if we need to fix some data problem and we know what we’re doing? We can write a routine that fixes that problem. But I suggest a better option, this Data Editor extension that allows you to change and delete information from any table in Business Central

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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One Field Report – Extreme Edition

Have you ever created a (process only) report to do data manipulation? Well, of course, you have? We all have 🙂 I decided to create a generic “report” that can handle all these different tasks. And if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, so here’s where I’m at right with the “extreme edition” of this. Check it out in this video:

Source : Hougaard.com
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Restoring data from a broken Business Central Docker Container

What if I made the mistake of storing some “worthwhile” data in a Business Central Docker container over the course of several months? Perhaps it was test data or data imports that I didn’t think I would ever need–but then 3 months later I realized that the accumulated data was valuable.

Source : Steve Endow
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: SessionSettings Data Type (A complex data type)

SessionSettings data type is a complex data type for passing user personalization settings for a client session as an object. The object contains properties that correspond to the fields in the system table 2000000073 User Personalization, including: App ID, Company, Language ID, Locale ID, Profile ID, Scope, and Time Zone.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Open-Source Project: Translate the data with Azure Translator

Last week I had a pleasure to speak at Areopa Webinars about Assisted Setup (Thank you Luc for having me). Those of you who would like to see the recording please visit YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuPfPUvQzeA.

However, in the Q&A, I had been asked: “What about the translations? How to handle them?” I replied that “It is like a normal table so you can treat it the same way as other data.”.

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Show Table Data from AL Test Runner

If you are writing Business Central automated tests then you are probably creating some data as part of those tests. Sometimes it can be useful to see the records that have been created, especially if you are trying to create the correct scenario for the GIVEN part of your test and are experimenting with the library codeunits in that part of the system.

Source : James Pearson
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