Tiles – what to do to have nice bricks?

If you are used to doing everything in the Windows client (and I know there are still a lot of people to do so) you were not taking into consideration how the tiles on the lists look like in the web client. Me either – until I checked how ugly it is when you do not do anything with it.

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Managing Business Central Development with Git: Amending History

This is the start of a series of posts about managing AL development with Git. I don’t profess to be a Git expert and much of what I write about will not exclusively apply to Business Central development. This is a collection of approaches I’ve found to be useful when it comes to managing our source code. Take what you will, discard the rest, vociferously argue with me if you feel strongly enough about it.

Source : James Pearson
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An M Function To Help You Explore Power Query Diagnostics Data

Last week’s post showed an M function that took Power Query diagnostics data and formatted in a way that made it suitable for visualisation in a Power BI Decomposition Tree visual. This is great for understanding what’s going on at a high level, but by doing this you also lose a lot of detailed information from the diagnostics logs that could be useful for performance tuning.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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How do I: Create a report based upon a query?

Performance wise it can be very interesting to use query objects as a data-source in a report (or any other object).

Imagine you want to create a report that shows the top X records from a table, let’s say for example Customers, then creating a report dataset with a top-x filtering can be very cumbersome.

Source : Think about IT
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CI/CD in NAV / Business Central Development using Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a very handy tool to manage project tasks, milestones, bugs, and documentation.
But it is not just limited to that, it can also be used to manage all your deployments and building pipelines to manage your deployments.
Lets take a look how to do this and how we can setup our repository to make auto deployments.

Source : Olister Rumao
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How do I: Add a drill-through to see records in Power BI Desktop?

Imagine you have created an amazing Power BI report that summarizes information using different visuals. Power BI Desktop lets you build advanced queries, models, and reports that visualize data and the idea is that the individual records that come from your data source are aggregated and summarized in your report, giving you the possibility to see the big picture.

Source : Think about IT
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