How to use the ‘User Task’ feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018?

To help improve productivity, the new User Tasks in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 allow you to create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organization. You can also set an expiration date, create a recursive task, link pages and reports.

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Splitting Text By Character Transition In Power BI And Excel Power Query

The February 2019 release of Power BI Desktop includes some new functionality not mentioned in the summary blog post, functionality that is already in the latest Excel 365 builds (thanks Ed Hansberry for pointing this out) and will be extremely useful. It takes the form of four new options under the Split Column button in the Query Editor:

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How To: Customizing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on Premises Using Tables and Table Types

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there is a table where customer information is stored. In addition, there is a table for vendor data, a table for item data, and so on. Tables let you organize and structure the data within your solution. There are different types of tables based on their technical implementation as well as their functional use.

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Sync Slicers & Sync Slicers Advanced Options

Power BI Bookmarks, Synced Slicers and Selections; these features transformed the way we report using Power BI. Now, most of the business users want reports with actionable interactivity. Well, it has pros and cons; today’s post is not to discuss that but to talk about Synced Slicers.

Synced Slicers were one of the most requested features. As the name says, this functionality enables you to Sync slicers among various Power BI Report pages, and you can manage the properties of it under Sync Slicers Pane.

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Controlling the size of a Control Add-In

In the previous blog post about a PDF viewer for Business Central, I promised to come back with some tips. Here is tip #1: how to get full control over the size of a control add-in.

Final code of this example can be found on GitHub.

Control add-in example

Let’s first look at a very simple example with no size settings at all and then gradually take over control over it’s length and width.

Bron : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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PDF Viewer in Business Central

Recently a question was raised by one of the MVP’s if somebody has an example of a PDF viewer in Business Central. That reminded me that I actually had an example, created almost one year ago. Should have published it way earlier! Anyway, I thought it still makes sense to polish that thing and share it.

Bron : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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