Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Spring update changed “some” field lengths

For long, we (as a partner community) have been asking for longer field lengths. And this time, Microsoft seems to have delivered: about 860 field lengths were changed. Mostly from Text50 to Text100, but also from Text30 to Text50 and so on. For your convenience, I created a csv on my “CALAnalysis”-repo on github that lists all of them.

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Using Font Awesome icons in control add-ins

This post has been long overdue. I’ve had it in my to-do list for nearly four years now, but it always ended up in the not today category. Funny how many times I’ve implemented it already, and how many times I’ve presented this, and I never ever found a few minutes to create a demo repository and a blog to come with it. So, here we go.

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Tips for Wizards in Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central

During my classes I always get at least one Ahaaaa from a delegate or maybe even a “(#¤%&/(%¤ I have wasted half my life not knowing that” so I have been urged to share some of my little tricks here on my blog, and if you get just one new thing, it’s all worth it.

So here they are:

Source : Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Enum Object in Business Central – How to create and how to extend!

Since the dawn of Business Central Era (2nd April 2018 – Today), there are many new data types introduced by Microsoft. One such data type is Enum(Enumeration). Essentially, what enumeration is having a single select value with multiple options at a given time!

Well, I know what your thinking what about the ‘Option’ data type.
Anyways, enough of talking let’s just dive in!

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