CI/CD in NAV / Business Central Development using Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a very handy tool to manage project tasks, milestones, bugs, and documentation.
But it is not just limited to that, it can also be used to manage all your deployments and building pipelines to manage your deployments.
Lets take a look how to do this and how we can setup our repository to make auto deployments.

Source : Olister Rumao
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Business Central – How to make it go FAST!

Microsoft in late January and early February published a series of pages on Microsoft Docs dedicated to performance with Business Central (On-premise, Cloud).

They are all very interesting, in particular, I want to report this page because it is very interesting for functional consultants (as in my case) more than for technicians; these are the things we repeat daily to our customers …and finally Microsoft has decided to formalize them.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti
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Follow-up on secret values in a Business Central app

Because I shared the source code, it was not hard to figure out that the navxdata file contained the secret value. What I really wanted to know was if there are ways to get values out of the navxdata file. And it turned out to be possible. Erik Hougaard was the first to crack that nut. It took only 10 minutes for him! Apparently, he knows some details about the navxdata file that are not so widely known in the community. A few other people also found the value by hex editing into the navxdata file. Well done!

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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How To Use PowerShell To Refresh A Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On Premises Test Database

This article is only for on-premise installations of Business Central (BC). The cloud/SaaS version requires a completely different method of refreshing involving Sandboxes. The steps below might also work for older versions of NAV, but I have not done any regression testing.

Source : ArcherPoint
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