Building a P&L in Power BI

I blogged about how to Build a P&L With Power BI back in April 2020, and the response from my readers was great. Several people asked how to add percentages such as % of net sales revenue, % gross profit, etc. into the P&L. I decided therefore to do a follow up article to show how you could add percentages to the P&L and also to further demonstrate how I go about solving such problems. Keep in mind, there is rarely one way to solve a problem in DAX; I’m simply sharing the way I solved this problem.

Source : Excelerator BI
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Dynamics 365 Business Central mini tips: How to Determines the table relationship of a given field (Record.Relation Method)

Today I would like to share another mini tip of Business Central. How to Determines the table relationship of a given field. In other words, how to get the table number of the field where the TableRelation is set.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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We’re building a Benchmark App

One thing I have always missed in Business Central is a simple performance indicator, something I can run and get a simple score for my system. So I have started building an app for that, and I would love for you to participate. I have written the first part of the app, open-sourced the code and hope that you would like to be part of this. Check the video for all the details.

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