Number of Days between 2 Transactions Using DAX

I got my haircut today (pretty spiffy one too, even if I do say so myself). While I was chatting I asked my hair dresser “on average, how often should I get my hair cut”? She told me (for men) around 4-6 weeks. Then I got thinking (as I do), I wonder if I could data-mine my credit card data using Power BI and find out how often I actually get my own hair cut. It turns out I was able to do this, and this article explains the hardest part of that task – find the number of days between two transaction dates using DAX.

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5 Easy steps on how to create Nonstock Items in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What is a Nonstock Item? An item can be defined as stock or nonstock based on whether it has stock entries associated with it. The Nonstock Item contains information about items that your company sells but does not carry in inventory. When you want to start maintaining these items in inventory, you can convert them to normal item cards in two ways:

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AAD authentication, Edit In Excel, Embedded PowerBi and

I do not have a count of how many time somebody have asked me, e-mailed me, sent messages asking for the “old” NAVDEMODEPLOY with NAV 2018 or Business Central Sandbox Containers.

What people are alluding to is really this blog post – and I am happy to announce that as of today you can now do most of the steps on that list.

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