Returning Annotations From OData Sources In Power BI/Power Query

The Power Query OData.Feed function has an option called IncludeAnnotations that allows you to return annotation values from an OData data source. It’s not obvious how to use it though – even if you use this option when connecting, you won’t see the annotation values by default because they are returned as metadata.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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How to add Filter Tokens in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Filter Tokens is an interesting functionality in Business Central. Many of us do not know about this functionality. Using this functionality, you can add Filter Tokens like Tomorrow, Yesterday, ThisMonth, PrevMonth, FiscalYear, PrevFiscalYear, NextFiscalYear etc. so that User can use them just like Today and WorkDate Filter Tokens to apply date filters.

Source : msnJournals
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Visual Studio Code Snippets: User Personalization, Shortcuts, Keybinding

Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from your keyboard as well as utilize code templates, known as snippets, to drastically increase the speed of your work. In this article, I will outline how to modify and create your own shortcuts and Visual Studio Code snippets to suit your workflow and save you some time spent on repetitive tasks.

Source : Simplanova
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