How Do I – Test My NAV Web Services.

I am working a web Service project with a customer and having trouble in communication because from NAV we actually do nothing related to web service publishing.

Let me try to explain the problem –

If a customer request you to publish a page as web services, for example, “Customer List” Page what we do.

1. We open Web Services page.
2. Add a New record, of Type Page and ID 22 and give a Service Name like cust.
3. Share the URL with the customer.

Bron : Saurav Dhyani
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Ways of Grouping Data in Dynamics NAV C/AL from NAV TechDays 2016

In November I attended NAV TechDays 2016 in Antwerp and one of my favorite sessions was the one held by Gunnar Gestsson about migrating to events. You can see and download the recording following this link from his blog.

I liked a lot the efficiency test on 4 grouping methods that he made in the last part of the session, so I decided to write this post about it.

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Reuse DynamicParam implementations in PowerShell

As I wrote here, there is an easy way to enter into a PowerShell container session, which I enhanced a bit in the second iteration to do dynamic name resolution for the containers.

We now have the “NAV Container Helper” script which adds some convenience cmdlets when working with container based NAV installs. I wanted to also enhance that with dynamics name resolution without having to add all the code to every cmdlet which turned out to be not that easy

Bron : Tobias Fenster
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NAV Inv Posting Buffer 2016 vs 2017- 2 ways to group data

As you already might know, in the purchase/sales posting routines from NAV an additional temporary table Invoice Posting Buffer is used to group invoice lines by the fields specified in the Primary Key of Invoice Posting Buffer table (TAB 49) and then Post only 1 G/L Entry for each group of purchase/sales lines.

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Working with Mediaset References in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Mediaset is a new data type introduced with Dynamics NAV 2017. Read the documentation here:

When working with the Mediaset data type you might want to copy its content from one table to another table but not the same reference.

Bron : Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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Creating a Ranked Jet Report

Those of us who use Jet Reports are painfully aware that Jet does not have a ranking feature for replicated lists. However, there is a workaround: you can create an automatically sorted Jet report with nested Jet functions and use Excel’s rank function to give you a ranked Jet report. This blog will walk through the steps to do just that.

Bron : ArcherPoint
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