Filter Tokens

When entering filter values in the filter pane in the Business Central web client, users can enter filter tokens [% + reserved word] that resolve to a filter value or a filter expression. The reserved word can be written in small letters or completely in capitals, or even be translated – more on that soon.

Source : The BC Docs Librarian
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to convert Image (item picture) to encoded text (Base64 String) via AL

In Business Central, there are several built-in filter tokens available, and users can also define custom filter tokens to suit their specific needs. Custom filter tokens can be defined in any language and are accessible across the application.

Source : BeyondIT
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Custom Filter Tokens

As a user of the Business Central you have some constants you can use to filter or insert values. These constants contain useful values for data manipulation such as

* t / today for date field – return current date
* q / quarter for date field filters – return range of the current quarter
* w / week, m / month, y / year …

Source : Tomas Kapitan
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