Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – ‘The remote name could not be resolved’ – For Docker containers

Scenario: If you have Docker Container of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) and developing an App or PTE integrating with external sources (external APIs endpoints) – And facing error ‘The remote name could not be resolved’. Understanding: This would happen when Docker Images is not allowed to connect with external network or DNS address.

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Remote Development with VS Code and AL Test Runner

The most obvious limitation of the AL Test Runner extension for VS Code has been that you need to run VS Code on the Docker host machine. That’s fine for us because we do all our development on local Docker containers but I’m aware that this isn’t everyone’s preferred process.

Source : James Pearson
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Export C/AL objects as AL from a database on a docker container on a remote host

As you might have figured in quite some sessions, threads and posts, I’m quite fond running docker images on a remote Hyper-V on my laptop. From the moment it was described by Arend Jan, I’m using it. In my opinion, it’s a much better way to run, because Windows Server is so much better in memory management as Windows 10 is (in regards of Docker that is).

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How to print a remote file from NAV

I have seen couple of times the requirement where we need to print a document from NAV which is not a report, it could be a marketing campaign letter, sales sheets or any other document.

Most of the time we upload these kind of documents on a website/remote site, so if we need print those documents with every invoice or any other statement, below is the function you can use from NAV.

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