How to: Dynamics 365 Business Central: Enter Job Tasks and Planning Lines

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for project management, you should understand how to set up job tasks and planning lines.

You can optionally use task types on the beginning and ending balances. Task types can be beneficial for reporting purposes.

Source : ArcherPoint
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Production Planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Production planning is an important part of inventory planning. In this video, ArcherPoint’s Robert Grainger discusses production planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, including a high-level overview of the master data for production planning, and some advice on the strategy around the planning process—like advising users to hold on releasing production orders early because it can reduce the flexibility of the plan and create chaos on the shop floor.

Source : ArcherPoint
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Business Central: Send an appointment from Job Planning Line

In addition to using Business Central in Outlook, a feature that I think is interesting is that of being able to send an appointment to the planned resource directly from the job planning lines.

This is not comparable to the mail sending functions present in the service module (there are some limitations) but it is still interesting and useful; we are moving towards project management and not just jobs … next step: send the task directly to MS Project for resource pool scheduling?

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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Graphical planning tools in Dynamics NAV and Business Central

The complete\detailed planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central (and in Dynamics NAV sure..) is done through the MPS\MRP planning which can be launched from the planning worksheet (you can find some posts on the planning parameters in this blog); However, it is also possible to use other tools that can be used for job planning or for lean production planning that do not require multi-level planning. The advantage of these tools is that they provide tree views and can be comfortable for top-level MPS planning.

Source: Roberto Stefanetti NAV & Business Central Blog
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Stock Procurement – Maximising the Benefits of the Planning Worksheet

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Planning Worksheet is a powerful tool that, with fine-tuning, will provide great benefit to your procurement team. It reviews the supply and demand, both actual (from existing documents) and expected (from a production forecast) to suggest replenishment orders.

Bron : Fenwick Software
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Jobs and Planning with Usage Link Codes

After receiving a few support issues on the topic, I would like to confirm both Setup and Process Flow in regards to Planning and Jobs.

1. The Job Planning Lines of ‘Line Type’ = “Schedule” (or “Both Schedule & Contract”) (NAV2016 or prior), or “Budget” (or “Both Budget & Billable”) (named starting in NAV 2017) is your demand.

Bron : Bryan Tschosik
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