How to fetch data in Part type page using a Query in NAV?

First question is why query? Lets see the advantage of queries.
1.First you can limit the amount of data you retrieve from the server by defining only the specific columns you need
2.You can join multiple tables into one query saving loop code pattern.
3.They are also light weight than Table Queries.

Below is the article which gives step wise procedure how to fetch data using a query and how to link it to a part page

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How to update the selected line in the Subform on click of an action button in the Mainform in NAV

◾The requirement was such that , the user will select a line in the subform.
◾The subform has fields like the Customer ID, Customer Name, and a field Recieved Crates.
◾On click of the action button in the Main form, a page opens which contains the details of the selected line in the subform like Customer ID and Customer Name also a field Crate recieved(Integer Datatype).

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Displaying Lookup Form on a field based on a particular selected option of another field in Request page of a Report in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Lookup Form on a field corresponding to a particular selected option of another field can be displayed in the Request page of a report using C/AL code. In this article we are going to see the procedure with the code required to achieve the same.

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