Add Bookmarks via AL Code

Using the bookmark icon, you can add an action that opens a page or report from the navigation menu of your Role Center.

The bookmark icon is shown in the top right corner of a page and also in the Tell Me window where you can efficiently bookmark multiple pages or reports. If a bookmark already exists for the page, then the icon is dark, and the tooltip says “Bookmarked“.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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Business Central Execute Queries from Pages

With the QueryCategory property we can execute a query object from a page (also available in Smartlists) by defining a query in AL; it is possible to declare with a comma separated list where the object can be used, in practice it is added to the list of objects published in the SmartList.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Blog Series Part 6: Process Selected Lines for List Page in AL for MSDYN365BC

In this blog we will discuss how to create Sales Document from the Import Data as shown in Customer Requirement for AL Development 2.6 Process.

Lets Start.

To Add an action “Process” to Page How to Develop List Page for AL in MSDYN365BC. which is developed to display data of “Insurance Interface Entry” Table.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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The XMLport Request Page – the whipping boy of Navision/NAV/BC

Those of us that have been around long enough will remember that Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision 4.0 came out with the new XMLport and MenuSuite object types. I can clearly remember a sort of astonishment about this UI-less XMLport. To allow you to feed this “pipeline” with data you had to wrap it in another object

Source : Van Vugt’s dynamiXs
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