Using Inventory Periods in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Inventory Periods are used in Dynamics NAV for a variety of purposes:

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•They preclude inventory Value Changes in a Closed Inventory Period
•They are one factor in setting the “Allow Posting Dates” for closed period entries when running Adjust Cost-Item Entries
•They provide for a diagnostic report when trying to close an inventory period

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Turn the Dynamics NAV 2013 web client into a Customer Portal in two hours

The web client in Dynamics NAV comes with any installation of Dynamics NAV 2013. It therefore seemes obvious to utilize it for creating a customer portal, enabling the customers to log on to our Dynamics NAV to maintain certain data in your database and enter orders directly into the system. Don’t worry that a solution like this would be to expensive due of all all the extra users that need to acquired to the license, because this is why Dynamics NAV provides external users.

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Problems planning items with Location Mandatory in Dynamics NAV 2013 to 2015?

You have spent all morning trying to figure out why items – that you know should show up for purchasing – does not show up in the planning worksheet. No matter what you select in the planning parameters on the Item Card is ignored by the planning.

You might have run into one of the small peculiarities of Dynamics NAV 2013 to 2015. The situation occurs if you have selected Location Mandatory on the Inventory Setup card and you are not using the manufacturing module.

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How To: Debug a Webservice/NAS Session in NAV 2013/NAV2015 and above

Finally! How many hours have I spent debugging sessions without UI with MESSAGEs and ERRORs… The good old days.

If you have done that, like me, then you will probably agree that it was not the most elegant way of finding the source of the problem. Have you ever forgotten to delete a funny MESSAGE after a session debugging with that method and had the client bring it up? I know I have.

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