How to automatically log changes to a field without setting up Change Log Entries in Business Central

In Business Central you can set up Change Log Entries to log insert/modify/delete events for all the fields in all the tables.

But can you do this automatically in the code without even setting up the Change Log Entry? It is quite easy actually.

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Simplanova Objects Usage Log Tool

Upgrading your customers’ solutions from Dynamics NAV to Business Central starts with analysis and defining the project scope. Simplanova knows that this process takes time and discussion with the customer, which is usually non-billable hours so, to make this process easier and based on statistics, we have released free objects usage log tool for all versions of Dynamics NAV (now supports all versions up to BC 14.00!)

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Exporting Application Insights logs with Continuous Export or Diagnostic Settings

I’m continuously emphasizing that for monitoring cloud applications (like Dynamics 365 Business Central) and cloud services, using Azure Application Insights is a must.

For analyzing telemetry data, I‘ve talked in the past about how to use Log Analytics and the features available in the Azure Portal, how to use Powershell, how to use Power BI and more. But what to do if you want to extract the Application Insights telemetry data and use these data in an external application for different kind of tasks?

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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How the SQL Server Transaction Log Works for You

The transaction log lies at the core of SQL Server, but it’s often misunderstood. Understanding the log architecture will give you peace of mind and make you a better administrator.

The transaction log is a double entry system. Every activity is recorded in the log before it is carried out in the database. So what’s the purpose of all this extra work?

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and the Change Log

As a Dynamics NAV user, you may need to identify who and when someone has modified a Field Value. For example, if you want to record all changes in the Allowed Posting Dates field within in the General Ledger Setup, using the Change Log is ideal. While you can use the Roles and Permissions tool, this only allows for controlling who can make the changes, it does not record which user changed it and when.

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