How the SQL Server Transaction Log Works for You

The transaction log lies at the core of SQL Server, but it’s often misunderstood. Understanding the log architecture will give you peace of mind and make you a better administrator.

The transaction log is a double entry system. Every activity is recorded in the log before it is carried out in the database. So what’s the purpose of all this extra work?

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 and the Change Log

As a Dynamics NAV user, you may need to identify who and when someone has modified a Field Value. For example, if you want to record all changes in the Allowed Posting Dates field within in the General Ledger Setup, using the Change Log is ideal. While you can use the Roles and Permissions tool, this only allows for controlling who can make the changes, it does not record which user changed it and when.

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Simple logging to a file

Sometimes it’s needed to have a simple logging mechanism, especially, if you want to find a hard to find bug, the exact place of the bug. For that i wrote a simple logging function. Add the fct. to a couple of code positions giving the current name of the trigger as parameter. At the end you get a long list of logging entries, with which it is quite easy to check what’s going on in your code.

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NAV Design Pattern: Activity Log

The Activity Log pattern tracks execution of activities. This is a Dynamics NAV specific implementation of the generic Audit Log pattern.

In general, integrating with external systems can be very challenging, due to the complexity of the situation – connectivity issues, asynchronous operations, user errors, etc. These challenges require sometimes re-trying several times, polling the external system, re-send/re-get data as all these activities can succeed but can very well fail.

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