Upload Files to SFTP via Powershell

I was asked how to upload files to SFTP from Business Central, there are several ways to do it and several posts published about it for Business Central.

In this case, without going through other Azure services, PowerApps etc., it is possible to do it directly and simply via Powershell and, given that the previous post on Powershell was quite successful, I also report this functionality in the blog.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti
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Using Azure File Share: best practices

Azure Files is essentially a fully managed serverless file share hosted on Azure accessible via the industry standard protocols like SMB, NFS and Azure Files REST API.

Azure file shares can be mounted concurrently by cloud or on-premises deployments and they are extremely useful for replacing or supplementing on-premise file servers.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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How to attach from a zip file to a Sales Order in Business Central

Hello, I want to share a little code that allows you to import multiple files in a .zip and attach them to a “Sales Order“.

This process could easily be adjusted to any Business Central list that can upload attachments. (In case the list page doesn’t have them, you would have to first create a little customization before using this code).

If we go to the page code “page 1174 “Document Attachment Factbox” we can check which master tables we could attach files to.

Source : Ivan Singleton
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to limit max file size for uploading attachment (Customization)

Today I would like to talk about how to limit max file size for uploading attachment in Business Central.

In the FactBox on most cards and documents, you can attach any type of file, containing text, image, or video, to a card or document.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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How To Troubleshoot a System File Error for Exchange Rate Services in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Updating exchange rates in your ERP system is part of a normal routine for finance and accounting professionals. This video offers reasons for the appearance of a system file error related to exchange rate service data in Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 on-premise Business Central and how to solve it.

Source : ArcherPoint
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