Applying Pivot Table in Excel using Automation Server Objects in NAV

In NAV when building a custom report that deals with totalling the amount by multiple G/L accounts by week then the report becomes tough to read as well as develop in standard SSRS Report. A possible and easy workaround is dumping all the entries in the Excel and performing the pivot table operation on the entries to give a precise results.

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Comparing The Performance Of CSV And Excel Data Sources In Power Query

My posts from two weeks ago (see here and here) on using Process Monitor to troubleshoot the performance of Power Query queries made me wonder about another question: how does the performance of reading data from CSV files compare to the performance of reading data from Excel files? I think most experienced Power Query users in either Power BI or Excel know that Excel data sources perform pretty badly but I had never done any proper tests.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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