How to Debug Business Central Production Environment by Snapshot Debugging Method

Snapshot debugging is the best way to debug the Business Central cloud production environment. It records AL codes that run on the server and after finishing the debugging all recorded snapshots are downloaded to your local project. You can debug any previously downloaded snapshots offline (Without connecting to the BC cloud server).

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Getting started with Snapshot Debugging in Business Central

Today I tried for the first time (Duh Silviu …. it’s been out there for at least a year!!!) to debug a snapshot. I started my exercise on Microsoft Docs here. Also, very useful was Stefano’s blog.

But first, what is a snapshot? A snapshot is a recording of executed code in Business Central.

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Debugging NAV 2013 Is Easy

We’ve never had a debugger quite this powerful and versatile. Debugging NAV 2013 is Easy!

By nature I am a pessimist. In any situation I tend to look for problems and point them out to everyone. Since my goal of pointing out the problems is always to SOLVE them, and leave the situation in a better state than I found it, I personally consider my natural pessimism a very positive attribute.

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RTC debugging

For this example we will be using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional.

Create a page

To use as an example for debugging, let’s create an empty page (for example 50000 RTCDebugTest) with a new action called “Messages”. In code of this action, we create two local variables:

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