How To: Customizing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on Premises Using Tables and Table Types

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there is a table where customer information is stored. In addition, there is a table for vendor data, a table for item data, and so on. Tables let you organize and structure the data within your solution. There are different types of tables based on their technical implementation as well as their functional use.

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Customize Ribbon – Beware

It often happens that customers change their ribbon. Mostly to remove the clutter of actions and only keep the actions they care about.

Today we got a customer change request saying, that if they have an error (the yellow bar on the document). They want to be able to refresh the page, and the error should be cleared, which was not the case with them. If they pressed escape, the error would disappear, but they would also leave the screen (logical after pressing escape).

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