Adding More Aggregate Columns To The Output Of Table.Profile

A few years ago I blogged about the Table.Profile M function and how you could use it to create a table of descriptive statistics for your data:

Since that post was written a new, optional second parameter has been added to the function called additionalAggregates which allows you to add your own custom columns containing aggregate values to the output of Table.Profile, so I thought I’d write a follow-up on how to use it.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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The Is Nullable Column Property In Power BI

The new Relationships view (or Modeling view – it seems to have two names) in Power BI Desktop that has been in preview since November 2018 not only makes it easier to work with complex models and set properties more easily, it also exposes a brand new property on a column: the “Is nullable” property. It’s visible at the bottom of the new Properties pane when you click on a column:

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Power BI And Column Order In M Queries And Dataset Tables

The order of the columns in a table in a Power BI dataset doesn’t matter all that much, especially because the Fields pane in Power BI Desktop ignores the original column order and lists the columns in a table in alphabetical order. However there are a few situations where it is important, for example when you are using the DAX Union() function in a calculated table: as the documentation states, when you use Union() “Columns are combined by position in their respective tables”. You might also find it irritating if the columns you see in the Data or Relationships panes in the main Power BI Desktop window make it hard to browse the data or create relationships.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: How to Personalize Columns in Dynamics 365 Business Central

This Dynamics NAV Coffee Break provides clear, step-by-step instructions for modifying and personalizing columns in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The video will walk you through how to select exactly what you do or don’t want to see as well as how to resize, reorder, add, or delete columns. Follow along to learn how to personalize your Business Central environment and revert back to defaults if desired.

Bron : ArcherPoint
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Filtering a Column via a Visual AND CALCULATE

Sometimes, just when you think you are getting the hang of the DAX language, something happens that completely baffles you. Such events can cause you to doubt your own learning and progress. But let me assure you – this happens to EVERYONE at sometime or another. In this article I am going to show you one such baffling situation, and then explain what is really happening.

Bron : Excelerator BI
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Split multiple columns into rows in #PowerQuery

Recently, I worked on an interesting problem. Datasource I was working with was a SharePoint list, working with SharePoint lists always turns out to be a difficult task than I first assumed. On top of that, with this particular data source; data was coming as semicolon delimited text. Basically, there were many columns like Mile Stones and Sub Milestones, their related data and so on.

Bron : Prathy’s Blog
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