Dynamics 365 Business Central: introducing the Azure File Share module

I wrote in the past some articles about how it’s important to use Azure Storage for storing files in a Dynamics 365 Business Central project (avoid using blobs and media as much as possible) and I’ve talked about the differences between Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Share, also providing a solution for mapping an Azure File Share as a local drive for data exchange with Dynamics 365 Business Central (link here).

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Data is King: Part 1 Send data from Business Central to Azure

There is no question that in our world data is king. Still, for many of us, the problem is that we have so much data in so many different systems and different formats, that we quickly can lose track. We might therefore not get the full potential out of all our data, in this blog series, I will cover some of the tools that Microsoft has made available to us in Azure to handle data. I will also cover some of the basics of how you can structure your data so you can use it most effectively.

Source : Fredborg
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Get response from Azure Function in 1,2,3 lines

Don’t get me wrong, I do not see anything wrong in building everything by yourself but it is also great to know that you can do something faster and don’t need to spend time on something which was already built by someone else. Example: you can get a response from Azure Function in just 3 lines of code (not counting variables).

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Store, read, move or delete any file using blob storage with Business Central

Today I will show you how you can perform multiple operation on any file in Business central by accessing of Azure blob storage.

I going to work on some image file, where I will store those files into blob storage and after reading that file move that file into another folder and delete from the source folder.

Source : NAVwithNAV
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