Working with SOAP API and XML in AL. Generic API codeunit.

The purpose of this post is to learn the basics of working with XML and SOAP in AL. Besides, we’ll look at my suggestion of the generic API method SendRequest(), which fits most APIs without authorization. The authorization itself is not difficult to add to the general logic, but in the post, they are not considered due to their large number and often unique logic

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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Guidelines for Partners: How to Access OneDrive using Graph API in Business Central

One of the significant limitations we face when upgrading to Business Central’s SaaS environment is our local or server’s file system usage. Various NAV or BC solutions often use the file system to save files for archiving purposes or to be processed later by an automated job.

Source : Simplanova
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Business Central API Guide In 2022

In this guide you will learn the basics about APIs and how to use them in Business Central. Also, you will learn about OAuth, the only authentication method in Business Central Saas for 2022.

  • What Is An API?
  • Difference Between APIs And Web Services
  • OAuth vs Basic Authentication
  • How To Create An API?
  • How To Setup OAuth?
  • Helpful Resources
  • Source : Business Central Geek
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