Custom API in Business Central

Today, I will demonstrate how to work with custom API in Business Central. Custom API is very useful when we are working with integration apps. So, lets start exploring custom API in business central.

We will take one table called student and will create one API page in order to access this table as API. Moreover, we can check this API in Postman as well. Here, we will mainly perform three operations GET, Post, and Delete.

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How to Authenticate Through Azure Active Directory (AAD) to Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central API

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is useful when you want to control who (users and client applications) can access particular resources (e.g. Microsoft Azure SaaS resources, Office 365 documents and Dynamics 365 installations).

One of Azure Active Directory’s (AAD) use cases is 3rd party client application authenticating through AAD to call the API of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central installation (BC).

Source : 1ClickFactory
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How to Transfer Files through API using Base64 Stream to Business Central

Transferring data from Business Central Tables through API is one of the latest version of transferring data from or to Business Central using the API Page Objects or Web Services.

Well, it gets a little difficult to transfer file blobs using the Media.ReadLinks and Media.EditLinks JSON field.

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Deep insert with Business Central APIs (part 2)

In my previous post about deep inserts with Business Central APIs, I mentioned creating custom APIs that support deep inserts. I tried to create an example with Sales Header / Sales Line, but I gave up because I ran into too many issues. In this post I want to explain what you need for creating custom APIs that support deep inserts. I will do so with a simple Header & Line table example.

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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