How To: Work with Multiple AL Projects in One Workspace Using Visual Studio Code in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central On Premises

If you’re new to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on premises, you need to know how to easily customize it. In this blog, you’ll learn how you can work with multiple AL projects in one Visual Studio Code editor in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on premises.

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Business Central as an app: getting to the al source code

You must have heard the latest news: Microosft released the first devpreview (on docker) where Business Central is an app, and there is close to no C/AL anymore. Either you might have gotten it from the blog from Microsoft, or Stefano’s blog, where he explained how to build an app for it.

I wondered if there was still a way for us to browse the – in this case – the al-code. And even more – would we be able to use the VSCode navigationability (if that’s a word at all) to navigate our code (like “go to definition” and “find references”)?

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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