Remote Development with VS Code and AL Test Runner

The most obvious limitation of the AL Test Runner extension for VS Code has been that you need to run VS Code on the Docker host machine. That’s fine for us because we do all our development on local Docker containers but I’m aware that this isn’t everyone’s preferred process.

Source : James Pearson
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A workbook for you?

Preparing for my first workshops at NAVTechDays, I had been thinking about which tasks should I give to the developers. Since the workshops were named from Zero to App on AppSource, I started to write the small script with exercises. And the word zero in here crucial. I assumed that AL for them is something new.

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Why and how to rename all AL-files of your app with the “CRS AL Language Extension”

So now – “let’s get started” with ..

Why would I rename all my AL-files?

Well – because of Microsoft and their new (upcoming) code analysis rule about file name conventions. You might already have complied with their previous conventions, and … they will change. Even better: they actually already changed .. Just read here:

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Creating FactBox in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Today, I was working on new Merging for Upgrade to Business central and i came across FACTBOX in Business Central. So i thought of sharing this with you.

Factbox area is normally located on the Left side of the page and is used to display content including other pages, charts, and system parts such as Notes, and Links.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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Creating Games in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central using Control AddIn in AL

In this blog, I’m attempting to demonstrate a proof of concept as How To Create Third-Party Apps, Games and Integrate it in Business Central using Control AddIns, Javascript and CSS.
Also, this blog illustrates how to port any javascript apps and games to Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central.
In this case, I have created a simple JavaScript Game and will be showing how to make it compatible with Business Central using Control AddIn.

Source : Olister Rumao’s Blog
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How do I : Add filters in a report in VSCode with AL?

Recently someone asked me, what’s wrong with me report, it’s not showing me the correct data?

After investigating I noticed that the report used filters, applied in several different ways and that the expected data was not showing up in the dataset, and then of course it was also not displayed in the layout.

Source : Think about IT
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