My SQL Server 2014 gets flooded and stops responding

All right, I must confess; my SQL Server is not installed on a super computer. Also, it is not installed and configured by a SQL Server MVP nor by Alain Krikilion.

The Hyper-V machine running my SQL Server is using two processors and 12GB of memory. Operating system is Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 and SQL Server version 2014.

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SQL Server 2014 and NAV

SQL Server 2014 has gone RTM on the first of April 2014.

For the moment Microsoft NAV has not yet confirmed SQL 2014 as compatible with some NAV versions. I hope they don’t wait too long. But does it has some goodies that are useful for NAV?

Lets see the top features of SQL Server 2014:

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Dynamics C5 2014 | Welcome MiniApp

Ok, I guess it is officially announced now as you can read in Erik’s post.

Although it is hard to find english content and many people probably have questions, let me share what I know about C5 2014 and NAV 2013R2.

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SQL Server 2014

A lot of blogs have already been written about the upcoming new version of SQL Server.

For starters: It will not be SQL2012 R2 but SQL2014.

One feature seems to be directly interesting to NAV. The feature has the codename “Hekaton”. So it was called when they started the new version. Now they have a better name for it: “SQL Server in-memory OLTP engine”.

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