Store, read, move or delete any file using blob storage with Business Central

Today I will show you how you can perform multiple operation on any file in Business central by accessing of Azure blob storage.

I going to work on some image file, where I will store those files into blob storage and after reading that file move that file into another folder and delete from the source folder.

Source : NAVwithNAV
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IsolatedStorage, a way to store global data in a session

“Isolated storage” is a data storage method that allows you to isolate data between different extensions, even within the same extension.

It is possible to archive key-value pairs in an isolated archive and define the scope of the archived data (through an access level called “Data Scope“).

Source : Roberto Stefanetti BLOG
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How to keep your Keys/values in Business Central using Isolated Storage

Business Central allows us to perform Isolated Storage, which is extremely useful if, for example, we want to store Passwords, Tokes, and Secrets without having to resort to Tables.

A couple of weeks ago I made a post on How to Test Outh2, through the native Business Central codeunit, but every time we closed the window, the token disappeared. So I came up with a good example idea, adding Isolate Storage to mitigate this issue.

Source : Ivan Singleton
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Business Central 2021 wave 2 (BC19) new features: AL API for sharing files in Microsoft 365 (Cloud Storage and Open in OneDrive)

Since Microsoft does not provide a lot of information for this, I am not sure if the content I write next is related to the title, but it may bring readers a lot of new information is not bad.

Okay, when you open the My setting in BC19, you will see an additional item.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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