Business Central 2022 wave 2 (BC21) new features 4

Business Central 2022 wave 2 (BC21) new features: Track items that are used in projects, including picks (Lot/Serial No. in job planning lines)
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Business Central 2022 wave 2 (BC21) new features: Share to Teams action now includes link preview
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Business Central 2022 wave 2 (BC21) new features: Verbose fields on bricks (New text line when view is Tiles or Tall tiles)
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Source : Dynamics 365 Lab

Setting the Sampling Interval for (in-client) performance profiling Business Central

You’re probably very much aware of the Performance Profiler in Business Central: an ability to monitor code execution in terms of “durations” and “hit count”, and having a view on how the code/process performed. As a first version, we had in v19 the AL Performance Profiler where we could profile from VSCode, and analyze the result in VSCode as well. Awesome tool, which looks something like this:

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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Dynamics 365 Translation Service Visual Studio Code extension (Public Preview)

Very interesting Microsoft public extension, still in preview mode but already usable (i did some tests); the convenience is that it can be used within VSCode, calling the translations services directly.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Translation Service (DTS) extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) lets users interact with DTS from the VS Code editor.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti BLOG
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