Changing NAV (C/AL) source code through C#

I know the current hype is about the new dev tooling and absolutely rightfully so. Truly exciting stuff. However I guess a lot of us will be at least partly stuck with C/AL and C/SIDE for the foreseeable future, which means you might still be interested with some not-so-exciting stuff about the old world: How to change C/AL source code through C#.

Bron : Tobias Fenster
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Dynamics NAV is moving to C#, get ready to follow!

Ok, maybe the title is not to nice, but hey, I got your attention.

Since the introduction of the Three tier environment, Dynamics NAV runs on C#. In the first versions it was hidden and closed, but with the intoduction of DotNet interoperability it is possible to move bigger pieces of business logic from C/AL to C#.

Bron : Mark Brummel
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DotNet Quick Tip: Accessing members with invalid names

A friend asked my by e-mail today about a problem he encountered with DotNet interop: how to access a property of an object, if the property name matches a reserved word in NAV. A simplest example is from the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.SMTP.SmtpMessage class that comes bundled with NAV 2013.

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