Create a relationship with multiple columns in Power BI

When building Power BI reports we often need to join two (or more) tables together, but what if the relationship is defined by two or more columns? Relationships in Power BI are limited to single columns, but whilst this seems like a major limitation there is actually a simple solution to create a relationship with multiple columns in Power BI.

To create a relationship with multiple columns in Power BI we simply need to create a new column by merging the required columns together. What’s more, if we use the same name in both queries Power BI will automatically create the relationship for us.

Source : Dan Kinsella
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Business Central Send Email with Multi Attachments

The purpose of this APP is to be able to send an email with a series of attachments; in this case the email is sent to the user (to himself) so that it can then be changed in the email client before sending. In practice, both the Master document (ex Purchase Order) and all attachments are sent in bulk (obviously, keep an eye on the size of the files!).

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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Making One Power BI Measure Appear In Multiple Folders

Back in 2018, when I wrote a detailed post on how to create nested display folders for measures in Power BI, I mentioned that unlike in Analysis Services it was not possible to make a Power BI measure appear in two or more folders simultaneously. The other day on Twitter Deepak Agrawal pointed out that at some point since I wrote that post the situation has changed, so here’s a quick post showing how it now works.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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