Power BI Desktop, Sort By Column And DAX Calculations That Use The All() Function

Recently I came across a problem where a DAX measure gave different results in Excel and Power BI Desktop. It turned out not to be a bug or even a feature, but since it confused me for a few minutes I thought it was worth writing up in case anyone else ran into it.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Ommit Zero in Calculation Formula

There are a few calculation methods available in for a flowfield. This is a great feature in NAV to aggregate amounts from ledger entries. I would like Microsoft to add an option to the flowfield declaration. I would like to be able to omit zeros when using methods; Average, Exist, Count, Max and Min. In a normal SQL it is possible to use NULL to archive this result but not in NAV.

Bron : Gunnar’s Blog
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Simulation of Average Cost Calculation

In the scenario below there is process description for simulating the average cost calculation. This is often used when investigating costing issues related to the average costing method. It has been helpful in verifying the recognized COGS, to describe the average cost calculation or using it as identification that somewhere in time the average cost is unexpected. It helps to identify the area for deeper research of the records demonstrating unexpected values.

Bron : Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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