Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to export Work Description (Blob) in Sales Documents to excel

Last week I saw a question on the Business Central forum, how to export the Work Description in Sales Documents to excel?

As far as I know, Microsoft added this new field in Sales Documents since NAV 2017. It help users to add more details about Sales Quote or Sales Invoice.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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How To: Use Jobs and Work Type Codes to Control Job Costs and Prices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central, you can use work type codes to control your job costs and prices. On the Resources card, you can have a general rate for the resource, but for the work type, you can control the rate based on a state they work in or the type of work they do or other variation.

Source : ArcherPoint
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Work Centers vs. Machine Centers

A topic that is discussed on all manufacturing implementations is Work Centers vs. Machine Centers. Questions like ‘should we be using machine centers?’ and ‘what are the differences?’ are always raised and discussed. It is very important to understand the differences and how to apply the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Bron : Olof Simren
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Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Work Center Units of Measure (other than Time Units)

It is quite common in processing industries, like chemical production, that the cost of Labor is not the primary cost of production. In chemical processing, the cost of energy or depreciation may be the largest cost component.

While Centers and Routings in Dynamics NAV are typically thought of in terms of Direct Cost (Labor) and Overhead, we can set up Work Centers and Routings to accommodate other cost components.

Bron : ArcherPoint
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