Complete Walkthrough Of Business Central Admin Center

In this walkthrough you will learn about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center and its capabilities. For example, to copy and restart an environment or to setup e-mail notifications.

  • Where Is The Admin Center?
  • Enviroments
  • Notification Recipients
  • Telemetry
  • Reported Outages
  • Operations
  • Capacity
  • Source : Business Central Geek
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    Walkthrough: Managing Projects with Jobs

    This walkthrough introduces you to the project management features in jobs. Jobs are a way for you to schedule the usage of your company’s resources and to keep track of the various costs associated with the resources on a specific project. Jobs involves the consumption of employee hours, machine hours, inventory items, and other types of usage that you may want to track as a job progresses.

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    Walkthrough: Synchronizing Information Between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    You can set up synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Outlook, so that information about meetings, to-dos, and contacts can be shared between team members and updated across the two products. For example, a salesperson working outside the office can create a new meeting in Outlook in her company’s calendar, and then her manager in the corporate office can see that to-do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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