How to Transfer Files through API using Base64 Stream to Business Central

Transferring data from Business Central Tables through API is one of the latest version of transferring data from or to Business Central using the API Page Objects or Web Services.

Well, it gets a little difficult to transfer file blobs using the Media.ReadLinks and Media.EditLinks JSON field.

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Upgrade To NAV 2013 or Later – Transferring Record Links From 5.0 or 2009 To 2013 or Later

Today we will discuss an Common Issue which we face during upgrade to NAV 2013 and Later from NAV 2009 or Previous Versions.

After Data Migration All Data come as-is but Due to some Reason the Migration Process did not process Record Links To New Version.

Bron : Saurav Dhyani
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Transferring a file using NAV Web Services and .NET Interop

Despite not being awfully fast, the ability to transfer a file with NAV Web Services comes handy at times. Imagine you had a requirement to present a customer logo in bespoke .NET application or you had to expose some data as a barcode image generated in service tier. Below example shows how to expose a generated PDF report to Web Services consumer, without using any external components but plain .NET Interop instead.

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The Next Upgrade Story – Data transfer code generation tool

Guess what, more companies are moving to NAV 2013 R2.

I am about to start a data upgrade for a medium-sized Icelandic company. Doing a data transfer means that you need to compare the tables of the old version and the new version and where you have mismatch you have to take some action. The data transfer is build on the upgrade from 2009 to 2013 R2 released by Microsoft.

Bron : Gunnar’s Blog
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Using XML to transfer Data between NAV companies

In November 2010 I blogged about Transferring small amount of data between databases. There I had a Form that can read and write a XML file with table data. This Form was used frequently in my company to move data between companies and databases.

The good thing about this method is that I can move data between database versions.

Bron : Gunnar’s Blog
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