Dynamic Column Selection In Custom Columns In Power BI/Power Query/M

When you’re writing an M expression for a custom column in Power BI or Power Query it’s easy to reference the values in other columns. A slightly more difficult question, however, is how can you reference column values dynamically? For example, given the following input table:

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Application Design Pattern: Report Selection

From the PRS workshop at NAVTechDays 2014, this pattern was written by 2 work groups:
•Group 1: Dale Gauci & Kimberly Congleton
•Group 2: Jens Winberg, Tim Grant, Alen Tot

Thanks to Tim Grant for merging the two patterns, correct, send for review, and finalizing them!

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Selection Filter to Clipboard

I have now seen three posts about using Excel to help create a Pipe Filter. The latest one from Mohana is similar to the way I normally do this. His post is a followup from the original video from Kerry Rosvold and an alternative from Mark Brummel.

If this is something you frequently need to do, why don’t use NAV and skip the Excel part ?

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Turn Report Selections into a Selection Dialog

Here is a small trick that I have used a couple of times to turn the report selections into a selection dialog in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The report selection table in Dynamics NAV is used to specify what report(s) to run when a user prints a document such as an order confirmation. Part of the report selection functionality is the ability to define more than one report to print at the same time; you can for example have Dynamics NAV print three different documents when the user prints an order confirmation. This is done by listing the reports in the reports selection table in a defined sequence.

Bron : Olof Simren
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