How To Use VS Code REST Client To Test Business Central APIs

In this article, we will learn to use the REST Client in VS Code to test Business Central APIs. We will start by understanding what REST API is. Then, we will install and set up the REST Client extension in VS Code. We will retrieve an access token and use it in HTTP requests to consume API endpoints.

Source : Business Central Geek
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How to Call a Rest API GET Request in AL (Making a real-time currency exchange rates viewer)

Here you can get knowledge about how to send a GET request and read a JSON response in Business Central – AL. I made a simple real-time currency exchange rates viewing page. I used a free rest API to get currency exchange rates. Follow the below steps and AL code and try it yourself.

Source : NAVUSER
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Service to service authentication in Business Central 18.3 – How to test (REST Client & PowerShell)

In the previous blog posts I’ve described the usage scenarios around OAuth client credentials flow for Business Central and how to set it up. The next step is to test the APIs and with OAuth authentication to see if it works properly. In this post, I want to focus on the REST Client extension for VS Code and PowerShell. In the next posts, I will also cover Postman, Insomnia and C#.

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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AL support for REST Web Services

A few days ago we did a webinar about the current status of AL in Visual Studio Code. The webinar was organized by NAV Skills and together with Waldo, Erik Hougaard and Daniel Rimmelzwaan we had a full hour of content. And it really felt like we just got started. I had the pleasure to talk about the support of web services in AL language.

Bron : Kauffmann @ Dynamics NAV
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