How To Use RecordRef, FieldRef, And KeyRef In Business Central

RecordRef is a powerful tool that you can learn to level up your coding skills in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this post, you will learn what is it and how to use it along with FieldRef and KeyRef. At the end, you will find an example of how to use them.

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How To: Use the Dictionary, RecordID, RecordRef, and BigText Data Types in AL Programming for Dynamics Business Central On Premises

There are many data types that are used in the AL programming language, used to modify code in Dynamics Business Central On Premises. This blog explains how to use the Dictionary, RecordID, RecordRef, and BigText data types.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: KeyRef and Working with Keys in RecordRef Variables

There are several variable types in Microsoft Dynamics NAV where you look at them and wonder, “What is this? How did it get here? When do I use it?” And you may never find the answers to that on your own, unless you find something or someone who explains it.

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How To: Execute a Page or a Report using a RecordRef variable

Before I start, I must say I first read about this on the following Kauffmann’s blog entry. So all kudos to him 🙂 When I read it I found it really interesting and used it on some of the tools we use internally. So this post will be pretty much my experience with what Kauffmann knowledge 🙂

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Passing Records and RecordRefs via Variants

As developers in an ever more repeatable world we should strive to write code in ways that make it as flexible and generic as we possibly can. A trick I use is too pass things around in ever more generic ways by using Variants.

A good example can be seen below where the function ReturnRecordIDasText function takes either a Record or a RecordRef as input and then returns the RECORDID as text.

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In NAV 2013 R2 RecordRef.CURRENTKEYINDEX can return -1

In NAV 2013 R2, if a RecordRef does not have a active record, CURRENTKEYINDEX will return -1. IN NAV2009 and older, the value was 1 (As the number of the primary key).

If the value of CURRENTKEYINDEX is given to KEYINDEX – a index out of bounds error will occur.

This is not documented in the NAV 2013 R2 help.

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