Grouping records using a List

I don’t know why, but grouping records in in C/AL in the past had always been a difficult topic to understand for new programmers during my development courses.

In C/AL the best method was using temporary tables, as in the example below, in which I group the Sales Orders by Customer and then I make a loop over the customers I found to make something.

Source : Marco Ferrari
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Remove Duplicates and Keep the Last Record with Power Query

Today I was helping a customer with a problem that seemed quite simple on the surface. She had a data table containing historical customer sales orders (each customer has many orders on different dates). The objective was to filter this table in Power Query and just load one record for each customer – the one that was the last order date. To illustrate the problem more clearly, I have adapted the scenario using the Adventure Works database.

Source : Excelerator BI
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Generic way of Attaching Documents on any Record of the Page in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central – Template Code

In Microsoft Business Central, there is a way to attach attachments only on Documents or Master Table records. But, what if this requirement is for other tables such as Opportunities, custom tables, etc.

Source : Olister Rumao’s Blog
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