The Copy method on temporary records

If you ever needed to copy temporary record variables, you probably already stumbled across ToRecord.Copy(FromRecord, true), with the second parameter true being used. But be careful: it works differently than you might think!

Imagine two temporary record variables, both pointing to the same base table:

Source : The BC docs librarian
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Creating Power BI Reports for Displaying List Data in Dynamics 365 Business Central (Filter the Power BI report based on the selected record)

Dynamics 365 Business Central includes a Power BI FactBox control element on many key list pages. The purpose of this FactBox is to display Power BI reports that are related to records in the lists, providing extra insight into the data. The idea is that as you move between rows in the list, the report updates for the selected entry.

Source :Dynamics 365 Lab
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Trigger a Power Automate Flow from Business Central for a Selected Record

This is my first stop on the Power Platform learning train. As I mentioned in the first post, this seems like a significant moment to me. Over the last few versions users have had more control over the web client. Between the Personalise and Design options you can tweak a lot of the elements on a page.

Source : James Pearson
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Using partial records in Business Central (SetLoadFields)

Business Central allows us to set or select the fields that will be initially loaded when the record is retrieved from its data source, improving the performance of objects such as OData pages and reports, and particularly beneficial when using table extensions in the application.

Source : Ivan Singleton
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