Navision Web Service and BizTalk Server WCF Adapter Integration Without Proxy Client

Recently I have read Microsoft Dynamic NAV blog article regarding the Commerce Gateway in NAV 2013 and I am surprise that the new solution is still remain the old commerce gateway client component. IMHO, the new solution is not give a better face lift to the product and it carry forward some limitation in the past to present time. Regardless, I was posting two articles (here & here 2) regarding alternate integration between Navision 2009 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2. The solution was utilizing the web services with WCF proxy client.

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Using a .dll proxy for web services

I have now completed my first all-dotnet codeunit. The codeunit uses a dll file that I created from the web service WDSL. This makes the programming a lot easier.

This solution has a BLOB fields that stores both incoming and outgoing xml. When I use a proxy dll I don’t build a xml document and I never handle xml documents. Again dotnet has a solution. I use xml serializer form the system.xml object.

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