Business Central System App is Open Source! Contribute, don’t be shy…

With the recent Wave II release of Business Central we also got the first wave of Open Source in our beloved NAV/BC product.

This means that rather than making customization for one specific customer or ISV you can now have this pushed back into the product and stay there forever.

Source : Mark Brummel
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C/AL Open Library Works – I have proof

When Microsoft announced that DotNET support was being discontinued in the modern development environment, many of us had issues with it. I still believe that it was a too drastic approach, but that’s not a focus of this blog post.

A bit later, Microsoft announced the “CAL-OPEN-LIBRARY” – A GitHub repository for wrapping dotnet classes in codeunits.

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Power BI Connector for CBS Open Data / Statline

Since this post primarily concerns a Dutch data source, the rest of this post will be in Dutch. English summary below.

De open data die het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) via Statline ( aanlevert is van onschatbare waarde voor analisten. Over diverse thema’s wordt informatie gepubliceerd, zoals woning, demografie, inkomen en arbeid

Bron : Dutch Data Dude
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Open Xml Excel Library – NAV2013

Navision 2013 replaces Excel Automation by Open Xml Spreadsheet technique to increase performance and align with web environment. However, it is a challenge to master and enhance Open Xml Spreadsheet in C/SIDE. To make it easy, we would like to introduce our solution which is pure Open Xml:

Bron : 4BzSoftware
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