Sending mails in the Cloud

Today on Twitter there was a question on how to send mails in the online version of Business Central.

In the below two options I would like to present to you how to send emails with a nice HTML body that is stored in the Word layout report. Also, I will try to show you how to easily add the attachment to the email (at least in one option).

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Mail Sending Option in NAV 2017 with Cover Letter & Attachments –Part 1

Generally we get demand for customized mail body to send from Navision. Normally we use templates or html etc. coding to achieve this. In NAV 2017 this feature is now available in product itself. Today we will explore this feature available for Std. documents and learn to setup, further in next step we will apply same to our custom documents and learn where all places we need to take care development to get it working.

Bron : KSD Consultancy
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Send mail with different reply-to address – part 2

Like the in cu 400 used mailing .net assembly the one used in cu 397 has very basic functionality, assembly Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Integration.Office. So if you want to use additional properties like setting a different reply-to address or using as different sender address, it is needed write it’s own code using basic .net assemblies.

Bron : Moxie4nav
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