Business Central: How to assign Serial and Lot No. from Warehouse Receipt using webserives

The following post is related to how to manage the number of series and lots numbers to Items that are in the Warehouse Receipt.

This article shows how you can create a webservice in Business Central that allows you to Create, Obtain and Delete Reservation Entries in order to manage series and number of lots.

Source : Ivan Singleton
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Creating a Sales Shipment and Partial Invoicing for a Lot Enabled Item in Dynamics NAV

We have discovered a bug in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 when creating a sales order for lot enabled items. To use this functionality, we have created a workaround so that you can create a sales order for a lot enabled item including the full shipment and partial invoice. This blog will walk through the steps required.

Before getting started, be sure that your item is an enabled lot and that you have enough stock in two different lots.

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Lot Accumulation Period vs Rescheduling Period for Dynamics NAV Manufacturing

With the release of Dynamcis NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2 (Navision 8.0 and 8.1 respectively), there has been a few improvements in the existing functionality. One of the more notable ones that I’ve been meaning to write about is the enhancement to how NAV create the planning worksheet

Bron : Confessions of a Dynamics NAV Consultant
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Lot and Serial Tracking in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Clarified

Dynamics NAV provides for very robust Serial Number and Lot Number Tracking.

When I advise clients about Serial and Lot Tracking, I say, “Only do it if you have to, as it adds additional user effort to record a transaction.” There are situations where you must use serial or lot tracking. These situations are primarily in the life science industries, where you might be producing medicines or if there is a human safety aspect to your product. Another situation is where you are subject to recalling defective products.

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