Displaying Lookup Form on a field based on a particular selected option of another field in Request page of a Report in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Lookup Form on a field corresponding to a particular selected option of another field can be displayed in the Request page of a report using C/AL code. In this article we are going to see the procedure with the code required to achieve the same.

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Dynamics NAV How-To Program Lookups

Often in Dynamics NAV development, you need to do a lookup into a table, find a record, and return it to our original page. There are ways to do this that come with constraints, and other ways that are significantly more robust. This blog will provide a general tutorial for both a simple lookup and a more complex lookup method.

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Dynamics NAV Web Client – Filtered look up for Document creation

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Windows client, When creating a Document (Sales Order/Quote/Invoice, Purchase Quote/Order/Invoice etc..) Filtered look up works wonderfully.

For example, when creating a new sales order, type few letters of the customer’s name in Sell-to Customer No. field and you will get a filtered list as shown below. This makes choosing a customer very easy in Sales order creation process.

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