How to Copy Journal Line to Posted General Journal in Business Central

With the release of Business Central Wave 1 2020 new feature added to copy the general journal to posted general journal.

As you aware that whenever you post the journal entry the entries get deleted after posted the transaction. Now whenever accountant need to reverse the entries then they need to enter the same entries again with opposite sign.

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Reconcile Payments Using Automatic Application in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Payment Reconciliation Journal Feature

The Payment Reconciliation Journal feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a huge time saver for finance professionals. It enables you to automatically (or manually) import banking data files and auto-match to transactions within Business Central. The Payment Reconciliation Journal feature also provides a match confidence to make the process even smoother.

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Recurring Journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

Recurring Journal: to post regular transactions with minimal or no changes.

The following are some features, conditions or settings for recurring journal.
• Feature for allocating single entry to multiple general ledger accounts when posting based on quantity, fixed rate or allocation percentage
• Reversing journal can also be created using recurring journals such as accrual journals that are reversed in the following month
• Contains special fields for managing recurring entries
• Balancing field not available on journal line
• Journal lines remains after posting
• Not allow future date posting

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How you can save time re-entering journal entries using ‘Standard Journals’ in Dynamics Nav!

Standard Journals are journal entry lines that can be saved as template for the transactions that are posted frequently with few or no changes. It allows you to create a journal entry and save the G/L Accounts, with the option to save the amounts as well.

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Using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Item Journal to Issue Items to Different Expense Accounts


You would like to Debit different General Ledger Expense Accounts when you issue stockroom material using the Dynamics NAV Item Journal. For instance, if the engineering department uses stock room inventory for a project, you would like to debit the Engineering Expense Account for the cost of the inventory.

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