How To: Use Jobs and Work Type Codes to Control Job Costs and Prices in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central, you can use work type codes to control your job costs and prices. On the Resources card, you can have a general rate for the resource, but for the work type, you can control the rate based on a state they work in or the type of work they do or other variation.

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An alternative Job Scheduler for NAV

As all of you (NAV developers) already knows, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a built-in job scheduler (Job Queue) useful if you want to schedule tasks like Codeunits or Reports. Job Queue is often used for managing long running tasks that you want to be executed periodically and in the background; on NAV, under the Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Job Queue/Job Queue Entries menu, you have a user interface for managing your tasks

Bron : Stefano Demiliani
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Jobs and Planning with Usage Link Codes

After receiving a few support issues on the topic, I would like to confirm both Setup and Process Flow in regards to Planning and Jobs.

1. The Job Planning Lines of ‘Line Type’ = “Schedule” (or “Both Schedule & Contract”) (NAV2016 or prior), or “Budget” (or “Both Budget & Billable”) (named starting in NAV 2017) is your demand.

Bron : Bryan Tschosik
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Create SQL Job – Stored Procedure

Sometimes a situation comes were NAV Job stops and we keep on debugging but yet unable to stump the real cause. Even after continuously tracing in Event Viewer we dint found any solid reason for this. So to solve my scenario I decided to write a SP(Stored Procedure) which eventually I attached it as a SQL Job which is supposed to be one of the best scheduler in Programming World.

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