Bulk Inserts – in NAV 2015

By default, Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically buffers inserts in order to send them to Microsoft SQL Server at one time. By using bulk inserts, the number of server calls is reduced, thereby improving performance. Bulk inserts also improve scalability by delaying the actual insert until the last possible moment in the transaction.

Bron : Ashwini Tripathi
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV DotNet objSelection.InsertFile

With the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word library are almost infinite possibilities open to you interact with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office.

I want to show you a short example today, how you can insert such as an existing Word file in a new created document at the end.

Bron : German NAV developers blog
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Bulk Inserts – Dynamics NAV

Microsoft has introduced the bulk insert functionality which will allow the developers to write high performance code.

What is Bulk Insert :
Microsoft Dynamics NAV automatically keep all the records in a buffer and then send them to Microsoft SQL server at a one time. Before this modification, insert happen in the order of the C/AL code running and had lot of server calls which will slowdown the application and also lock the tables many number of times before completing a one transaction

Bron : TharangaC – Dynamics NAV Blog
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