Windows Script Host replacements for SHELL and HYPERLINK commands

Dynamics NAV has a couple of commands to execute files, websites or applications. Examples of these commands are SHELL and HYPERLINK. These commands are old and in some situations they will not work at all or not as expected. For example the HYPERLINK function does not work with Escaped characters, like %20 for space, when executed from the Role Tailored Client.

Bron : CompGEEK
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Run Objects in NAV 2013 using GETURL and HYPERLINK

Here is a small tip (some of you might already know it): the GETURL together with the HYPERLINK can be used to run objects in NAV 2013 (even tables 🙂 ).

I am working on a tool to delete records from a database (to ‘clean’ a company from transactional data for example). Part of this tool is a function to view the data in the tables, and for this I needed a way to run a table from the NAV 2013 windows client (not the development environment). This turned out to be quite easy using the GETURL and HYPERLINK functions.

Bron : Olof Simren
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