Creating FactBox in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Today, I was working on new Merging for Upgrade to Business central and i came across FACTBOX in Business Central. So i thought of sharing this with you.

Factbox area is normally located on the Left side of the page and is used to display content including other pages, charts, and system parts such as Notes, and Links.

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Thinking about FactBoxes

Today, I was working on a new E Foqus product and this is something that needs a fair amount of FactBoxes.

It could be solved using a single FactBox object throughout the system. I started with a C/Side approach, trying to get the information from the parent page into the FactBox with SubPageLink but that didn’t work. I was even trying to be too creative with the new SystemId field.

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Avoid Factbox records on Empty pages

Factboxes are more then ever a powerfull way for presenting related information. Normally you link your Factbox through properties, but now and then you need to do this from code.

This works fine if your page has at least one record, because the filtering is set on the “OnAfterCurrRecord” trigger of the page. So when there is no records, no filter is set on you factbox and then all related records are shown.

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Is my FactBox visible?

In one of my previous posts on “how to link a faxbox in code“, I explain .. uhm .. how you can link a faxbox in code.. (you might have guessed that). Now, one of the things you have to keep in mind (as a programmer) when doing so, is the fact that the code on your “OnAfterGetCurrRecord” of your page is always executed. So if you’re putting code there to update your factbox, it’s also going to (try to) execute it, even when it’s not visible. You don’t want that.

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