How to extend Business Central API without extensions

As most of you, I guess know, it is not allowed to extend Business Central API’s. This page type cannot be extended by creating a page extension object. Instead, you must create a new API by adding a page object

However, sometimes we just need to send more data about the entity: Customer, Vendor, Sales/Purchase documents etc.

Source : Dmitry Katson
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: the impact of tableextensions

I think that everyone of you already knows that when working with Dynamics 365 Business Central, table extensions are killers for performances. But how much?

That’s a question that I’ve also done to myself a lot of time when working with partners or when creating my own solutions. Is there a “deadline” for how many table extensions can I create for the same table in order to not kill my performances?

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Blog Series Part 11: How to generating permission set for Extension in MSDYN365BC

I am sure you would have created the functionality mentioned in my previous blogs. If you still have not, refer to Customer Requirement for AL Development where I have explained in details about Developing Extension in AL.

In this blog we will discuss about generating persmession set , which is simple and can be done in 2 steps by automated process for any Extension.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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EXM – Business Central Extension Manager

Since BC was release some time ago, we changed our way to work a lot. GIT, extensions, files, enums, interfaces… and more to come.

I miss some way to easy know what objects we used when developing extensions and not worry about if the object ID has been used. Some partners use EXCELS, internal apps or other methods so I decided (long ago) to create one. These last days at closed home (thanks to COVID-19) I’ve given a push to these project that I want to share with everyone.

Source : picazin things on NAV & Dynamics Business Central
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How to avoid a dependency

With the release of Business Central, Microsoft introduced the concept of Extensions. An Extension is a secluded function to the standard functions of Business Central. It’s a great concept – but it comes with an annoying flaw. Read in this article how you can avoid to add a dependency to your Extension.

Source : Hannes Holst
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