Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to extend the Posted Document Update page (A solution for editing Posted Document)

Sometimes you have to update a posted document because information that is relevant to the document has changed. On a posted sales document, this can be the shipping agent’s package tracking number, for example. On a posted purchase document, this can be a payment reference text.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Extending standard APIs (2)

In the previous blog post, I’ve demonstrated how to extend standard APIs by using them as a template for a new custom API that contains the customizations you want to do. While that approach works for most APIs, there are some APIs that are more complicated. I’m talking about APIs for sales and purchase documents. These APIs are special because they are not based on the standard tables Sales Header, Sales Line, etc.

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Extending Item Tracking in Business Central

I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front for the last few months – settling in to a new team and a new role.

For the first post of 2021 what better topic than Item Tracking? Let’s be honest, the Item Tracking Lines page is a mess. Over 3,000 lines of code, tonnes of global variables and more than 60 methods. I don’t think the fundamental design of the page has changed much since it was introduced – it’s a bullet that no one wants to bite.

Source : James Pearson
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How to extend Business Central API without extensions

As most of you, I guess know, it is not allowed to extend Business Central API’s. This page type cannot be extended by creating a page extension object. Instead, you must create a new API by adding a page object

However, sometimes we just need to send more data about the entity: Customer, Vendor, Sales/Purchase documents etc.

Source : Dmitry Katson
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