Batch calls with Business Central (2) – Error handling

This is the second post in a batch series about batch calls with Business Central APIs. You can find the first one about the basic operations with batch calls here. In this post, I want to cover one of the most frequently asked questions about batch calls: what happens if one of the operations runs into an error? Will it stop further execution, will the already processed operations be rolled back? Let’s have a look.

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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HttpClient: “An error occurred while sending the request.”

If you are a developer or consultant who works for a modern Business Central-project that includes the integration of 3rd party services – you might come across this error while using HttpClient. Find out in this article why it happens, what do to about it and in which situation you have to live with it.

Source : Hannes Holst
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How to write ERROR and CONFIRM?

For many years when you needed to write any confirm message or an error message in a code there was nothing complicated. However in Business Central there were introduced new functions for both of those messages. One was already there for some time but the error handler is brand new thing which is added in Spring Release 2019.

Source : M Y N A V B L O G . COM
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