How To: Correct the Issue of the Microsoft Business Central Developer Environment Crashing While Opening the C/AL Editor

When you’re developing in C/AL in Business Central/NAV 2018, you might run into this issue: You want to edit the code in an object through the Developer Environment, and the Application automatically crashes or closes without displaying an error message. This occurs when you open a Codeunit or click on C/AL editor in a Page/Table, and it occurs only when you are designing the object and go to C/AL code by hitting F9.

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The new code editor in Dynamics NAV

I have really tried to like, even love this editor. But every time I’m using it, it keeps fighting the C/AL syntax and the way C/AL is usually typed. This is actually a step back in productivity for me.

The editor is missing several context aware features that is essential for programming in C/AL – and it even changes correctly typed code into wrong code.

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C/AL Editor in Dynamics NAV 2016

The 2016 version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV comes with a new C/AL editor. This is a big step forward for people that are writing code within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The C/AL editor have, in my mind, always been much behind other code editors in terms of usability, but with the 2016 version Dynamics NAV catches up a bit.

Bron : Olof Simren
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