Power BI Model Size Bloat And Auto Date/Time Tables

Opinion is split over Power BI’s ability to automatically create Date hierarchies in your model. Personally it drives me mad and I always turn it off, but I know a lot of people love the convenience of it. Whatever your feelings, though, it is important to be aware of the problems it can cause with the size of your model.

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Handle DateTime – Use DotNet Variable

Calculating exact Day, Time, No of Month in a Day, Number of days in a Year, Day of the Week and many more has always been a challenging point while writing code in NAV. Though you can manage to achieve this but anyhow you end up with many lines of code. But just twisting your code a little bit with some DotNet variable will bring you a broad smile in your face with just a single line of codes. For an example have a look into the below screenshot.

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Formatting DATEs, TIMEs and DATETIMEs

For a recent project, I needed to export the object properties of a number of objects to an XML file.

As you know, in the Object table, there are separate columns for Date and Time. Initially, I exported each column as an individual XML attribute, using the FORMAT function’s standard format #9 to XML-format the values

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